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K-MAX from 5.5 to 90 kW

Ongoing investment in technical and product innovation has led Fini to boost its product offer in the industrial sector introducing Permanent Magnet motors with IE4 Efficiency Class, in the K-MAX range, starting from 18.5 kW power.
All the K-MAX series is equipped with the new LOGIN electronic controller. The K-MAX compressors have been designed to minimise energy costs without affecting performance. The original design has been developed to obtain the best cooling performance with the least acoustic impact.
The K-MAX range transmission system aims to maximize efficiency and reliability: the direct-drive transmission minimises maintenance and increases the reliability and longevity of the machine. The combination of proven technologies along with components designed and built by Fini, guarantees high efficiency and premium reliability.


K-MAX  5.5 - 90

  • Available power values: from 5.5 to 90 kW.
  • High performance and low energy consumption.
  • Compact and modular design.
  • Available versions: floor-mounted, tank-mounted, fixed speed, variable speed, variable speed with Permanent Magnet motor, with or without dryer.
  • Extremely efficient cooling system with centrifugal cooling fans.
  • LOGIN electronic controller.
  • Max pressure: from 7 to 13 bar.
  • High performance air-ends.
  • Extremely quiet: from 61 to 72 dB(A).
  • Variable speed models from 18.5 to 90 kW with Permanent Magnet IE4 motors.
  • Cooling air pre-filtering panels to ensure greater cleaning for internal parts.
  • Some models, up to 37 kW, are available with refrigerated dryer.



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