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About us

Synonymous with quality, longevity and reliability, FINI has been a benchmark in the compressed air industry worldwide for over 70 years.

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FINI boasts one of the most comprehensive ranges of compressors, to meet every need: oil-injected rotary screw compressors from 2.2 up to 315 kW, with direct or belt transmission, single and double-stage, and piston compressors from 0.75 to 20 HP, in a variety of set-ups.

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Customer services

Close attention to the customer’s needs is one of the values that has always characterised FINI and all its staff. The first objective is to guarantee complete technical and commercial support, identifying needs and proposing the most suitable solutions to meet them.

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FINI is a company with an all-Italian heart, but thanks to its dense network of Distributors and Service Centres, it can reach end users all over the world.


FSN: spare parts for compressors and after-sales activities.

Original spare parts.

FSN spare parts are stored in our centralised and automated ‘Logimat’ warehouse in Zola Predosa (BO), covering an area of 10,000 m2, where more than 12,000 codes are handled every day.

Specialised staff is constantly in contact with our worldwide distribution centres to deliver spare parts to our Clients as fast as possible.

Exploded drawings and spare parts list always available online.

In the Members Area of the site, our authorised customers can consult the spare parts lists for each compressor model and the relevant exploded views at any time, as well as the technical documentation related to each individual product.

If you are our customer but do not yet have the credentials to access the Members Area, contact your agent.


The importance of regular maintenance.

In order to carry out targeted and correct maintenance and to identify the exact components to be replaced, as indicated in the maintenance intervals specified in the user and maintenance manuals, FINI has developed two specific programmes: “Long Life Kit’ for the screw range and ‘MPK’ for the piston range.

Maintenance programmes for screw compressors, carried out exclusively by Fini Authorised Service Centres, guarantee timely, cost-effective and highly professional service, and the use of original FSN brand spare parts. The FSN Long Life Kit, equipped with filters and other components, extends service intervals, reduces repair costs and ensures consistent performance over time.



Our mineral-based or synthetic FSN lubricants are specifically designed for use on FINI compressors, supplied by the best, industry-leading manufacturers.

For screw compressors
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CataloguesRotarECOFLUID: formulated with selected, high-quality mineral-based oils enriched with advanced anti-oxidant, anti-wear (zinc-free), anti-rust and anti-foam additives, it offers optimal control of oxidation deposits and residues, as well as an excellent level of thermal stability, to preserve equipment longevity and ensure lasting performance.

Synthetic RotEnergyPlus: ensures quick water separation, reduces friction and energy consumption, extends maintenance intervals, ensures excellent lubrication of the bearings, guaranteeing protection against rust and corrosion.

Fini lubrificanti RotarEcoFluid e RotEnergy

For screw compressors in the food industry
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For use in the food industry, where specific quality standards are required, we recommend RotEnergyFood, a high-quality, synthetic lubricant for rotary compressors. Our lubricants are available in cans or drums, in different formats.

Fini lubrificante RotEnergyFood

For piston compressors
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SyntEnergy is a synthetic oil with additives specifically designed for piston compressors: it limits consumption, increases its average life and reduces carbonization by more than 90%. Available in individual 1-litre cans or in multi-pack of 20 cans.

Fini lubrificante SyntEnergy

Our "Hot-Line" service for urgent deliveries.

Thanks to our ‘Hot-Line’ service, we are able to prepare and ship urgent spare parts orders worldwide on the same day.