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Silenced compressors

Fini's PULSAR range is a technology and design concentrate.

Designed to solve the issue of noise in the workplace, these compressors stand out on the market for having the lowest noise levels in their category, up to 73 db(A) max.
Noise levels have been reduced by enclosing the machine in a soundproof unit with special sound-absorbing panels, working on ventilation and, on some models, by fitting special intake silencers.
The combination of top quality materials and the highest degree of accuracy in assembling the machine ensure first-class performance and durability.

We also provide both models fitted with wheels and fixed ones, with one or two cylinders, single and double-stage, oilless and lubricated, from 0.75 to 10 HP, fitted on tanks ranging from 9.5 to 500 litres.